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Over 12 million individuals tune in to Smarter Health for trusted Health & Wellness content. This captive audience has disposable income and is willing to spend on medical care, food, products and experiences to ensure good health and well-being. Use our rich display and banner inventory to place targeted ads, skyrocketing brand awareness and impact.



Stretch your marketing dollar when you advertise on Smarter Health. Instead of splashing out on pricey billboards or newspaper ads, employ cost-efficient advertising with us and reach an already-invested audience.


Place ads where your target audience spend their time. Advertising on Smarter Health guarantees an audience who are enthusiastic about their Health & Wellness.


Whether it’s wallpaper skinners, side banners, or pop-ups, we offer advertisers a variety of direct ad formats to suit your display needs.


We provide our advertising partners with transparent reporting and analytics on the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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